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Our VISION is to improve career and volunteer emergency services in the state of Idaho through leadership, collaboration, education, safety, information and representation.

Our MISSION is to provide and enhance leadership to career and volunteer emergency services in Idaho.

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Active membership in the IFCA is available to Fire/EMS Chiefs and Fire/EMS Chief Officers of an organized Idaho fire/EMS agency or department. Divisional memberships are available to persons working or serving in fire/EMS agencies or departments working in those fields of duty.  Corporate and Associate memberships are available to those persons or companies who do not meet the above Active membership class. 

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A recent opinion from the Office of the Idaho Attorney General confirms the City of Boise and Idaho Fire Chiefs Association’s position that aerial fireworks are illegal for sale to the general public in Idaho and should be removed from retailers’ shelves. Rep. Mat Erpelding sent an inquiry to the Idaho Office of the Attorney General asking for further clarification on the sale of illegal fireworks. Paul Panther, Deputy Attorney General, responded with the following, “Special fireworks, that is, fireworks that are not non-aerial common fireworks or ‘safe and sane’ fireworks, can only be sold to a person possessing a permit issued pursuant to Idaho Code 39-2605 for a public display or event. Such fireworks can only be sold within a reasonable time period before the display or event.”

This means that, under Idaho law, a person with a retail license can only sell non-aerial common, or “safe and sane,” fireworks. Fireworks that are not safe and sane are not available for sale to the general public.

“This clarification from the Attorney General’s office makes it clear that the sale of aerial fireworks to the general public is not allowed in Idaho. I, along with The Idaho Fire Chiefs Association, know that keeping aerial fireworks from being sold in Idaho to the general public will further protect citizens, their property, and our firefighters who risk their lives battling fires caused by aerial fireworks,” said Fire Chief Dennis Doan.

“I stand by Idaho’s fire chiefs who are working to prevent these costly and unnecessary wildfires which jeopardize the lives of our citizens and first responders, destroy our public lands and cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted money,” said Rep. Mat Erpelding (D-Bosie).

History: In February 2017, the fireworks legislation that would help prevent fires caused by the sale of illegal fireworks in Idaho was denied a full hearing by House State Affairs Committee. Rep. Mat Erpelding, sponsor of the bill, testified that the draft legislation would close a perceived loophole whereby aerial fireworks are being sold in Idaho if the purchaser signs an affidavit stating that he intends to use them outside the state.

Fire Rescue GPO  Program of NPPGov

FireRescue GPO is a group purchasing organization providing fire departments access to publicly solicited contracts.  Our contracts are created through a nationwide public RFP process and awarded by a lead public agency.  Member departments are able to “piggyback” on the contract, eliminating the need to complete the RFP process themselves.  Individual discounts are also available to firefighters.  Membership is free and there are no purchasing obligations. 
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IFCA is proud to serve the fire and EMS industries by providing Leadership, Education, Advocacy and Networking to fire chiefs, chief officers and aspiring leaders statewide.  As an IFCA sponsor, you introduce your company in a highly interactive environment to this important group of industry professionals.

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