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Our VISION is to improve career and volunteer emergency services in the State of Idaho through leadership, collaboration, education, safety, information and representation.

Our MISSION is to provide and enhance leadership to career and volunteer emergency services in Idaho.
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Monthly Newsletter      November 2016 Issue                           

From the Desk of the President

Fellow IFCA Members,

Now well into the 4th quarter of 2016, your leaders at IFCA are in the process of both assessing the year’s accomplishments and planning for 2017.  It’s an exciting time with a lot of dynamic change in the works. Change that will involve each of you  There are several issues that I think are very important to our organization.  And as we near the start of the Legislative Session, some of these items will be at the forefront and therefore it's important that we are all informed.

1.  Idaho Public Safety Communications Commission (IPSCC) – We have met twice as a commission and are starting the ground work to consolidate all communications functions; 911 PSAP, Land Mobile Radio (LMR) and Data under the umbrella of one commission. The intent is to maintain maximum benefit from coordination and interoperability. We are only at the beginning so much more to follow in the future.

2.   Idaho School, Safety and Security Advisory Board (ISSSAB) – We have had one meeting and I represent fire for input on how to improve this important aspect of our communities. More to follow.

3.   I have been working with Seth Griggs and AIC on a Public Safety Track at the annual AIC Conference in Boise to present issues that would be relevant to both Firefighters and city officials in better understanding this important aspect o services provided by cities. The IFCA Board has been going through an exercise to review and consolidate our proposed topics for AIC's consideration, we will be reaching out to finalize program abstracts and speakers in the next couple of months.  If you are interested in participating, have a topic in mind or would like to be a presenter, please Contact Me.

4.   I have continued to work with AIC, IAC, AP Triton on potential changes to legislation to capture Reimbursement for Uncompensated Medicaid Expense.  This seems to be a forever evolving process, but one that the Board and I are making every attempt at trying to stay on top of.  More to come as details emerge.

5.   We held an Executive conference call and Board planning conference call in October.  Discussion centered around upcoming member initiatives including follow up from the areas of focus arising out of the Annual Chiefs Roundtable in Sun Valley.  As part of our annual Strategic Planning Retreat in Coeur d'Alene December 1 and 2, we will begin to identify leads on various initiatives and then follow up with action items and timelines.  To review the notes from the Roundtable, visit IFCA online at CHIEFS ROUNDTABLE FIRE CHIEF 101.docx  If you are interested in becoming involved in one or more of the Action Items, please contact Patty Morgan at (208) 629-4865 or 

6.  Website - There are significant changes coming to the website during the next few weeks, most notably the site is now “fully mobile” meaning when you view it on your smart phone, as most of us do from time to time, the site is designed specifically for that purpose.  When you view it on your computer, the site is also designed to appear appropriately.  I want to remind you that the website includes a “Members area” were we can interact by District, Division, Blog and other such methods.  This is becoming our primary means of communications and posting of important information.  It is important that you subscribe to the various forums so you will receive notice when there is new information or issues.  It is also a place for us to post material without cluttering your inbox with big files.  So please take advantage of these new services.  There is also a calendar and if you would like something posted just send the details to Patty and she will get it there.   I will continue to post important issues and legislative updates on the President’s Blog so that each of you can weigh in on your thoughts and the direction we as an organization should go.  

7.  2017 Conference – Our 48th Annual Conference & Tradeshow will be held April 20-23 in Coeur d'Alene!   The schedule has been restructured to better accommodate vendors, volunteer departments, training and networking. The preliminary schedule, registration and vendor information are all available on the website.  Visit for all the details and links.  Please Note:  The preliminary agenda has been reconfigured!  The event will begin with the Chiefs Roundtable on Thursday morning, April 20, and the Annual Mike Sheets Memorial Golf Tournament Thursday afternoon.  We are tentatively planning a Lake Coeur d'Alene Boat Cruise for Thursday night!  The Installation Banquet will be held at the beautiful multi-million dollar Hagadone Event Center overlooking the world-famous Floating Green on the Coeur d'Alene Resort Golf Course.  Don't miss this amazing opportunity to visit one of the premier vacation venues in the region and Coeur d'Alene!  Online registration will be open in December, but mark your calendars now - April 20-23, 2017, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho!

8.  2017 IFCA Membership Renewal - It’s time to renew your IFCA Membership for 2017!  Invoices are being distributed now, members may also login at anytime to review your profile and renew your membership.  IFCA offers Idaho’s fire/EMS leaders useful tools and services including information resources, networking news, legislative watch, statewide representation, professional development and specialized training opportunities.  An IFCA Membership is a worthy investment for your agency and yourself.  Membership provides you with access to the people, knowledge, resources and tools you need to continue to improve your effectiveness as a fire/EMS leader, helping you to make informed decisions on daily and long-range issues or workplace challenges.  I personally encourage you to renew your membership today!

Thank you for your continuing involvement with IFCA!

David G. Gates, MBA, EFO

Idaho Fire Chief’s Association

Office     (208) 234-6202
Cell         (208) 681-9611
Fax         (208) 233-4043

2016-2017 IFCA Leadership    

David Gates Travis Myklebust Dave Hanneman  Brad Trosky
President  Vice-President Vice-President, Operations  Vice-President to WFCA
Pocatello Fire Dept. Lewiston Fire Department Idaho Falls Fire Department Middleton Fire District 
 208-234-6201 208-743-3554 208-612-8513 208-585-6650



 Pat Riley  Dan Musgrave  Andrew Cater  Mark Niemeyer  Randy Sutton Brian Briggs Eric Gosswiller
 District 1  District 2  District 3  District 4 District 5  District 6   District 7
 Northern Lakes Fire District  Kamiah Fire Dept.  Caldwell Fire Dept. Meridian Fire Dept. West End Fire Dept.  Fort Hall Fire Dept.  Idaho National Laboratory Fire Dept.
208-772-5711  208-935-5231   208-250-4945  208-888-1234 208-438-4511  208-478-3784 208-526-8896 

2017 Fire Fighter License Plate Grant Awards

The application period for the 2017 Fire Fighter License Plate Grants ended in June.  58 total applications were received for a total initial request of $94,013.  Ultimately 44 grants were awarded and a total of $63,445 was distributed to 44 different departments, cities or organizations.  A complete summary of grants awarded can be found online.  2017 FFLP Grant Award Summary>>  

Grants are awarded annually from available funds received through the Idaho Fire Fighter's License Plate (FFLP) Fund Program.  Grant applications are reviewed by the FFLP Grant Review Committee.  The committee carefully evaluates all applications and establishes the grant amounts based on funds available. 2016 marked the 16th year of this highly successful program.  Over $550,000 in grants have been awarded for fire safety education programs across Idaho since the program began.  Grant requests must comply with the legislated guidelines to be used "exclusively for the fire safety and education of firefighters, fire chiefs, and the general public."  

Funding was awarded to a number of departments for fire safety education for children.  Shown is a fire safety training program hosted by the Blackfoot Fire Department, funds were used to purchase fire fighter turnout gear and other training aids and materials for use in school-age fire safety training programs.

The FFLP Grant review committee works diligently to allocate available funds fairly among all applicants.  The chair of the committee is Dave Hanneman, Idaho Falls Fire Department and IFCA Vice-President of Operations. Committee members include Kevin Courtney, President, Idaho Volunteer Fire & Emergency Services Association; Wendy Walter, Idaho Department of Lands; Tom Moore, Boise Fire Department; and Travis Myklebust, Lewiston Fire Department.

District and Division Updates

District 2 - Kamiah Fire had quite a summer; we are now getting back to our regular training for the fall.  The Department took possession of a new ambulance the end of September, updating our fleet and retiring our oldest one.  EMT Mel Fowlkes retired this spring after serving 29 years with the Department. 

From Lewiston Fire Department:  Battalion Chief Kevin Kalbfleisch, over 32 years of service with LFD, and Captain Steve Repp, over 28 years of service with the Department each retired.  We wish them well!  Promotions:  Ken Schmidt has been promoted to Battalion Chief, Chris Jacks to Captain, Dave Bobeck to Captain, Jon Ockwell to Engineer, Tim Parker to Engineer, Mitch Chenault to Firefighter, and Brian Burke to Firefighter.

Lewiston Fire Department has donated 42 SCBA's, masks and bottles to seven fire departments in District 2, replacing units that are over 25-30 years old

Submitted by Dan Musgrave, District 2 Director

EMS Division - Attached please find a review of the October 13th 2016 EMSAC meeting held in Boise, ID.  Attached will be an agenda, and handouts provided for First Net communications system.

1.    Dispatch Legislation package: 
a.    EMSAC requested to provide a letter of support from the EMSAC for legislation this coming session that requires a base for certification for 911 communicators.  This legislation is a minimum and all larger agencies in Idaho already exceed this minimum training on hire.  The legislation will require smaller centers to provide this basic training upon hire of 911 tele-commuicators.  Pass with approval from EMSAC for letter to be provided.

2.    First-Net System:
a.    A formal presentation was provided to EMSAC body by a representative from Michigan with the First-Net system.  Handouts attached provide an overview and details of the system. Videos may be accessed through links in the handouts.  Idaho will be required to pass legislation to accept the First Net system and begin to have system built out in Idaho. 
b.    First Net is a digital data system, similar to cellular with a radio spectrum just for 911 usage.  Totally not interfering with or competing for public cellular data space.
c.    Target: 2017 for legislation and Governor signature
d.    2018: Deployment or build out begins in Idaho
e.    2022: Network substantially in operation

3.    Critical Care Transportation: CCT:
a.    Bruce Cheeseman provided a review of current CCT progress.  The final operational decisions will remain in Medical Directors hands and will be discussed at the upcoming State Medical Directors Board meeting this fall.

4.    EMSAC Composition Task Force: Bill Arsenault
a.    Bill provided a review of discussions from this Task Force.  Concerns revolving primarily around empty EMSAC seats in meetings.  Of 22 member seats only 12 routinely make the EMSAC meetings.  The task force looking into why by asking some questions that have not been answered.
i.    Do we need to look at specific seats offered for EMSAC participation?
ii.    Should we review the EMSAC rules regarding attendance?
b.    Continued discussion will follow as this gets considered in the future.

5.    EMS Instruction / Companies providing instruction:  Bill Arsenault
a.    Bill reviewed discussion points referencing outside computer based EMS training and the requirements for compliance with Idaho and National registry.  Excellent discussion and we anticipate additional information in the future.
b.    Recommendation for online FAQ and Feedback tools to glean information from students on these online programs and head off issues early.

6.    Alternative Ambulance Design: Chief Denny
a.    The 2016 Idaho EMS Grant cycle identified an issue with Grant requests and alternative Ambulance requests.  Should an alternative patient hauling unit be classified as an ambulance or rather a equipment?  This discussion will move forward in Grants and potentially other committees to have and provide a clearer guidance to the 2017 Grant applicants. 

7.    Time Sensitive Emergencies update: Christian Surjan
a.    Currently in Idaho:
i.    5 Trauma Centers at Level II and III
ii.    8 PCI Capable Cardiac Centers
iii.    4 Level II Stroke Centers
iv.    27 Critical Access Hospitals (CAH)
v.    184 EMS Agencies
b.    Consideration being made by EMSAC to allow EMS agencies to apply for certification as a TSE Compliant Team Member.  Just a small way to show that EMS is in the game with receiving facilities and understand the goals of TSE’s in Idaho.

8.    Grants Committee: 
a.    Committee is considering a scoring system revamp for the Grants process.  All this in an effort to level the distribution process to be as fair as possible.  More as the Committee works through this process.

Submitted by Steve Isaacson, EMS Division President

Call for Leadership Volunteers - With a change in Board leadership, we have filled two of the District Representative positions from those District Alternates.  Therefore we now need to fill those two Alternate positions in Districts 6 and 7.  The District Alternate serves as alternate to Chief Brian Briggs with the Fort Hall Fire Department in District 6, and Chief Eric Gosswiller with the Idaho National Laboratory Fire Department in District 7.  Candidates must be members in good standing in either District 6 or 7, responsibilities include participating in board discussions as needed and filling in as a voting member on board business if the District Representative is not available.  If you are interested in filling either of these positions, please Contact Me.

Please ensure you have visited the website and subscribed to the appropriate forums to remain informed as issues develop. I expect the District Directors to post issues on the District Forum so that you may communicate within your district on the specific issue to help guide your District Director in their decision. Contact Patty Morgan for user assistance.  


IFCA Announces Unifire 2017 "5-Crossed Bugles" Sponsorship

"Whether a Fire Fight or Fighting Fire, We've Got You Covered"

We would like to thank our Premier 5 Crossed Bugles Sponsor Unifire for their very generous support of Idaho Fire Chiefs Association!  Mike Lyons and the crew will be on hand in Coeur d'Alene for the Chief's 2017 Annual Conference & Tradeshow to share the exciting new products they have to offer!   Visit their website at and join us in thanking Unifire for this commitment to their Idaho Fire Chiefs' partnership!

Unifire is a world leader in the support of our nation’s first responders. With a long history of manufacturing the best rescue equipment available, Unifire has earned a reputation for solving some of the most difficult problems when it comes to rescue and special operations, equipment needs and supporting the war fighter on mission critical scenarios.  While earning some of the government’s highest ratings for performance on many contracts, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.  By listening closely to customer needs and concerns, Unifire conistently provides top performing products and training to ensure mission success.


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