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May 30 (starts at 10:00am MDT)
Idaho Fire Sprinkler Coalition Meeting and teleconference call
Chubbuck FD - Chubbuck, ID
For more information call: Jeff Hudson (NFPA) 913-238-2568
Information and agenda:
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The IFCA's Fire Prevention Officers (FPO) Division was established to further the professional advancement of the fire service through education, training, legislation, and other means as may be available. They also formed to ensure and maintain greater protection of life and property from fire, natural and man made disaster, or other sudden emergencies. At 50 members, the FPO Division is the largest Division within the IFCA.

To carry out their purpose, the Division actively seeks to:

  • Advise the Idaho Fire Chief's Association in matters pertaining to fire prevention
  • Promote fire safety information throughout the state of Idaho through public education programs, conferences and training seminars
  • Participate in the code development process
  • Serve as a watchdog on legislative matters
  • Serve as an advocate and educational source for life saving tools such as smoke detectors and automatic fire sprinkler systems


Fire Prevention Officers (FPO) Division Contact:

FPO Division President
Fire Marshal Ken Anderson
Idaho Falls Fire Department
525 8th St.
Idaho Falls, ID 83402
Phone: 208-612-8598

Did You Know...

Smoke alarms are not the same as smoke detectors.
Most homes have what we now call "smoke alarms." These units detect the presence of smoke and sound the alarm. Many properties, particularly some multi-family complexes and newer single-family homes, have smoke detectors that are components of an alarm system with a panel. The detection unit itself does not necessarily sound the alarm. Instead, the signal is transmitted to the control unit that then sounds the alarm throughout the premises. Older studies of smoke detectors usually studied devices that would now be called smoke alarms.

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