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NEWS!  The ISFRRP is a constant work-in-progress and is subject to regular review and update efforts. Under the guidance of Boise Fire Department's Deputy Chief Perry Oldenburg, and a dedicated task group of cooperators, this plan has steadily taken shape as the "tool and system" that will serve fire agencies across Idaho requesting or providing mutual aid for major incidents.  Primarily intended for large scale wildfire and wildland urban interface (WUI) incidents, the plan is diverse to apply to any type of major emergency (all-hazards) using NIMS and ICS.

The updated plan was reviewed and approved by the IFCA Board of Directors at their Board meeting on May 10, 2013 at the IFCA Annual Conference in Post Falls.  A copy of the newly approved version is below.  This site will grow and expand as the IFSRRP evolves.  The most recent version of the plan is below dated 7-5-13.

  As this webpage fills with content it will become the IFCA's central repository of information pertaining to and about both intrastate (inside Idaho) and interstate (outside of Idaho) mutual aid programs. This will be the "go to" webpage for information on requesting and providing mutual aid for "all hazards" but with an intitial focus on wildland fires. 

BACKGROUND: Since 2006, following the massive Gulf Coast storm, Hurricane Katrina, there was a nationwide focus by the fire service on improving mutual aid - both in-state and between states.  It was readily apparent after Hurricane Katrina that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) couldn't ramp-up fast enough to save lives and property from catastrophic disasters.  That duty fell to the first responders of America.  Shortly thereafter the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) launched a demonstration project called the Interstate Mutual Aid System (IMAS).Idaho was one of ten states initially selected to participate in this national project.

Earlier attempts to develop a successful statewide mutual aid program in Idaho got mired down over state control of the program (which agency) and state support (legislative) for funding.  For the past three years a Task Group from the IFCA has worked dilligently to resolve the sticking points.  Although funding is still an issue, the control issue seems to be worked out under the Idaho Department of Lands (IDL) in consortia with the IFCA.

The following is a link to that document:

APPROVED VERSION as of 7-5-13:
ifsrrp rev 07-05-13.pdf pdf Document

Questions on the plan or its administration should be directed through your District Director or to Chief Oldenburg.

More information and documents will be posted to this new site as they become available.

Please "surf" back to this webpage periodically for new information.

Thank You!             

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